Which Erotic Fantasies Are Rare? What Is the Fetish?

Can unusual sexual fantasies identify sexual deviance? Can there be a connection between people’s fantasies and their personality?

Studies have been carried out to investigate in depth what can be understood by unusual sexual fantasies. The first thing to know is that in the world of sexual fantasies, finding a great diversity is something that can be considered normal. In fact, the fantasies that were revealed through the surveys did not present rarity or unusualness, only a few were considered atypical.

Among the unusual ones, 9 were found, 7 of these fantasies were within the classification of “rare” and came from women. Some of these fantasies were related to urinating on their partner (3.5% men), wearing clothes of the opposite sex (6.9%), forcing a person to have sex (10.8%), abusing an intoxicated, unconscious or sleeping person (10.8%), having sex with a London escort (12.5%), having sex with small-breasted women (10.8%).


Interestingly, among men, only 4 of these fantasies were classified as unusual: having sex with more than 3 men (13.1%), having sex with 2 men (15.8%), urinating on their partner (8.9%).

Among the typical fantasies, 5 of them were shared by 84.1% of the participants. Within these fantasies they talked about a lot of feelings, important places, a pleasant environment, and above all, a lot of romance. Both sexes agreed on fantasies in similar romantic places.

For men, typical fantasies included having sex with two female partners and oral sex.

On the other hand, when we touched on the themes of domination and obedience the results were quite common for both sexes. 60% of the participants reported this fantasy and there was no gender difference for this theme. In fact, in the case of men, many reported obedience fantasies compared to women. This breaks with the belief that men have fantasies of domination.

It was found that when it comes to submission and dominance they are correlated. There is a large population with submission fantasies who have also imagined domination with escorts.

Fetishes and sexual fantasies with an escort

Fetishes are sexual emotions to objects or body parts that are not related to eroticism, such as feet or shoes, and this is much more common in men.

For many people, satisfying these fetishes involves having the object that attracts them or fantasizing about it, this can be alone or with an escort as a partner, in order to get an erection, exist and achieve orgasm.

People with fetishes may masturbate while smelling, touching, tasting or holding the object. In other cases they may ask their partner to use it or put it on during intercourse.

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It has been shown that the most common fetishes are related to body parts, such as legs, piercings, tattoos, or obesity, but without a doubt feet, by far, are the most common.