Unproven and Unexplored Fields of Sex Robots

The current sex robot is the successor of the traditional blow-up dolls. They have become widespread since it is now very easy to market them and trade them online. Many people are learning of the importance and uses of real dolls online and with time have chose to give them a try. Alternatively, if you are not an internet guru, you can decide to buy the dolls at onsite sex shops. To make them easily accessible, some entrepreneurs have included them in their households and brothels.

This has greatly increased the use of adult dolls in the adult entertainment industry. The truth however is that there has been a lot about sex dolls that has not been released to the users as at now. Some of the information that has never been cleared to date involves the areas of application of these sex dolls. At the same time, the social science surrounding the use of love doll has remained hidden and vague to date.

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Areas Affected by Love Dolls

The use of a love doll for sexual purposes touches on two major grounds which are the social sciences and humanities. These are however the only fields affected directly but they are not the only ones that have been touched by this practice. The game scene and the art and design industry also has a lot to do with the invention of sex robots. This explains the reason why the market of adult dolls can only get better. It is next to impossible to kill or wipe away real dolls from the adult entertainment industry.

Sex dolls are not only used in the social world, but they have also been embraced in prisons, monasteries as well as military. It has been reported that some seminaries also use sex dolls but they have never come out in the open.


After medics realized the sex robots can be used for therapeutic purposes, they have paid more attention to them. A research is currently under way to determine the relevance of using tools in nursing and retirement homes.

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